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Sunday, June 5, 2011

This Blog

Perhaps this is the most difficult writing genre I have ever attempted.  Writing for a blog is not like writing an assignment, or like writing a book report.   It is not at all like writing short stories and poetry and I've read so many instructions on "How To Write For Your Blog"  that I am totally confused. 

I have read that it is fundametally wrong to write about yourself on a commercial blog.  I don't know if this is considered a commercial blog; I have highlighted my co-op's books on the right side of the page but I wouldn't say that was commercial.  And besides, I have also been told to "write what you know."  Not that I shouldn't go out and try learn new stuff.   Nobody knows it all, but, I thought a blog was for what you thought about certain things.  What I think about writing is that mankind without it would not live in a civilization at all.  Two marks scribed in the dirt is the bare bones of communication, but it is communication nonetheless.  Writing shares the stories of the US rodeo circuit with a young man in Ceylon.  Writing gives the latest discoveries in medicine from Germany to be realized in Senegal.  It is through this medium that we communicate in a way second only to speech, and only, because I am certain speech came first.

A blog has to be personal to an extent, or no one will come.  There has to be that spark of you in there.  That's what makes the writing worth the reading and the reading worth the experience.  I will write this blog about what I feel concerning writing, poetry in particular.

I am not an analyst to disect poetry, I will not critique work here.  I welcome other opinions for lively debate.
I have been writing poetry for fifty-seven years.  I only know what I have experienced when reading other people's work.  That writing is the is one of The Seven Grand Keys and should be cherished as such. 
Writing, Reading, Architecture, Husbandry, Mathematics, Healing, and Science.  Without this straw the finest mortar will do little good.

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