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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Our Poet Of The Month

Tim Weaver is our Highlighted Poet Of The Month
Here is a short biography and a sample of his poetry.  His book Pitch Ponderings of Poetry is being sold on this blog on your left hand side.  Enjoy.

The Summer Meadow
Tim Weaver

I miss morning dew drops,
upon emerald blades.
In whimsical meadows,
where the blue birds sing in sync
and warm, summer breezes
caress my lonely skin.
My heart flutters
in the awe of nature’s mystery.
Even though I favor the summer sun,
all seasons serve their fickle purposes.
Though in the warmth of a meadow,
my soul pauses in peace
and I breath in her beauty
where she bestows sweet bliss unto me.
For it’s not every day
I see the calm within the storm
and I feel reborn;
in the summer meadow.

Tim Weaver
My poetry mostly flows smooth, and my heart flutters on the wings of love. I tend to write pieces inspired from life’s puzzles and the end result is usually heartfelt in someway or another. Hopefully, the picture is more uplifting than not, but I do have a dark side that sinks into the depths of pitch ponderings.

I’ve featured in quite a few books, but the two I have inscribed myself, I treasure as a journey through time. The first book I wrote is called “Lucid Skies Of Love.” There’s a few unique layers inside this art work of mine. Within it I find myself searching for perfection in a world where it just does not exist. On a spiritual level, I find that inner peace comes from sharing a soft whisper of encouragement to a fellow soul in need, and planting good seeds where so many can taste the fruits of compassion.

I long for peace, and to see another soul smile makes my own heart rejoice. I just despise evil acts that harm the just, and I have lost faith at times doe to such monstrous mountains in my life I’ve had to climb. I’m grateful I still and long for good to prevail and to show love to those I feel need it most.

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