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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Aspirational Trail

Dreams.  So many writers dream of the big novel that will bring them fame and fortune.  Sometimes I think about that; what it would be like to be a best seller.  I know the odds.  For many, really talented writers, it is an impossible dream. 
We all try hard to achieve the pinnacles in our chosen fields, even when that height may be lofty, but not very lucratively rewarding.  And while the altruistic value of writing just for it's own sake has it's satisfaction and it's own type of reward, the fact that many can only dream of living off of writing is true for many of us.  I know of true talent barely recognized in many fields of artistice endeavor.  Painters, illustrators, writers, poets and designers who work for the love of the art and not for the dollar behind it.
And, they produce. Novels and  paintings and wonderful models of homes to be built all of them working from home for the shear love of their craft.  That is dedication to a dream.
It would be wonderful to be paid for what you live to do.  Throughout time money has been spent on artistic "favorites" while talented artists waisted away for mere pittance of the cost.  Think of Vincent VanGogh or even his friend Gaugin.  Consider Mary Wollenstocroft Shelly who was paid next to nothing for her novel "Frankenstein".  Each of these artists today are worth millions from their work.
So, to dream of being a writer, or any type of artist, one must be able to work for the love of the work.
I used to laugh at the idea of the starving artist when I was a student at Art and Design High School.  Full of that idealism I tried for many years to make a living off of my fine art.  I couldn't.
I am glad to my soul for those who have been able to be paid for that which they love to do.  It is a blessing.  The thing is, I would ask the consumer to open their minds to a broader base of artistic acceptance.
Seek out first time authors and give them a chance.  Most sites offer first time and developing authors a special slot to introduce them. 
Look online for artists studios that are beginning their careers and give them a shot.  No one can make it on their own and every little bit helps.
As for dreams, well, that's just what life is made of after all, right?

Words To Paint With
Last entries:  simony, belligerant, salacious
Usage: simony: noun The buying or selling of church offices or favors
Alexander Borgia was accused of simony in attaining the office of Pope.

belligerant: noun - to assert combativeness, to live under a state of war, warlike
The belligerant general waged many battles against the western people.

salacious: adj - to arouse as in sexual desire, sensuous
Salome's salacious dance caused the loss of John's head.

New Words:  prestidigitation  eccumenical  timpani

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