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Friday, April 22, 2011

Word Power

"It's only words, and words are all I have, to take your heart away."  Bee Gees

What is the power of words? 
Have you ever read a scene in  novel and cried?  Have you ever read a poem and felt chills ascend your spine as the picture unfolded?   Then, you have been exposed to Word Power.
Words are wonderful vehicles of emotions and actions.  They reveal the internal viewpoint of characters in a tale informing the reader of their goals or wishes.
Through words we soothe, express disdain, display our love or destroy another persons hopes.  Yes, words have power.

In some cultures there are strict taboos against certain words.  The same taboo exists in connection with names.  Certain names are never spoken out of respect or fear because the very utterance of the name has power.   This is the secret behind magic words like, Abracadbra, or Presto.  These words are purported to contain the magical vibrations that can set a magic spell in action.

Before you claim that this is all silly, think.  When was the last time that words uplifted you and made you smile and feel accomplished and happy.  Words can do that, whether they are written or spoken.
Think about the last time someone hurt you with words.  It can be done very easily . . . words have power.

The BeeGees relied on words to win a love.  We can all rely on words to at least convey our deepest meanings.  Pay attention to words, Word Power is everywhere.

Words To Paint With

Promissory - Despicable - Unrelenting

Promissory -  noun - A written promise to pay an outstanding debt.  A document of contract.
The borrower signed a promissory note to pay his loan in six months.

Despicable - adjective -to be despised, disliked extremely.
His actions were so harsh he was labeled despicable by his contemporaries.

Unrelenting - adjective - not stopping or giving up.
He hunted the vampire with unrelenting energy and courage.

New Words To Paint With:

Catatonic - Assimilate - Tanneries

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  1. Good recommendations for literary painting. I think of writing as painting as well. And some words like catatonic paint a scene by themselves until we wrap our pens around them and change them completely. Magicians!