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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Reader vs. Books

This Christmas, my husband bought me a Sony reader.  When I first saw readers years ago, I was one hundred percent against them.  Not understanding the convenience of the gadget, I thought they would rob the experience of curling up with a great book and a hot cup of something and reading for hours on end.  No, I did not perceive the convenience and thus was totally against something that indeed was not only a breakthrough in communicative skills, but also in the way we look at books.
My reader can hold more thatn 400 books,  400 books!  Amazing!
I will say that since my reader weighs in at less than one pound the article pays for itself in weight distribution in my handbag alone.  I currently have three books in my reader's library;  a volume of Sherlock Holmes'  collective works, the entire collection of Edgar Allen Poe's works and a very technical book on the planet Mars. 
Now, if I were to carry around those three large volumes, especially the Holmesian adventures, my arms would give out and so would my back and the books would remain at home.  However, this light as a feather Sony reader accompanies me everywhere, on every journey and weighs next to nothing.
So, I have become a fan of readers.  Books are great to own, but they take up a lot of space.  My reader does not, less than a quarter of an inch wide.  Books are heavy, the more knowledge the greater the girth.  My reader, as I have mentioned, barely weighs a thing.  Older books that may have been in your library for any great length of time, or that have seen better days, lose pages or fall apart entirely.  My reader just goes from page to page with arrow up or down, never rips, breaks it's binding, or loses it's shape. 
A reader is not the true version of Farenheit 451 as I so greatly feard  it is a step forward in technology that has really made a difference not only in how we read and perceive the written word, but also in industry.  More persons are going toward the convenience of readers and e-books to download into them than are purchasing books.
I can't help but speculate how much an improvement a reader would be for students.  Imagine all of their heavy, cumbersome books compacted into a reader.  No more back breaking cartage of immense technical books every day, no more damage on rainy school days to bedraggled book pages.  There may come a time when the only books to be seen will be in museums, or, in pictures displayed on our readers.

Today's Words To Build On -   All words described from Websters Unabridged College Dictionary
tumultuous - facsimile - degredation

Yesterdays words:  erascble   destitute   egalitarian
Did you look up the meanings?  Did you know and understand them already?  Here's the meanings

irascible - adjective - to become angry or to be angry.

The irascible old codger's face became redder with every word.

destitute - adjective - to abandon or deprive, lacking something necessary

He was destitute; without any means to house himself or his family.

egalitarian - adjective - promoting or believing in human equality

Thomas Jefferson professed to be an egalitarian.

Hope you enjoyed our word excercise, come back tomorrow for more Words To Build On


  1. I still enjoy books verses readers, but this new generation does not share my views, nor does it really matter as long as they're reading I suppose. Thanks for sharing Bertie, I appreciate your thoughts, and word teachings at the end, great stuff! :)

  2. I got a Nook for Christmas and love it. I still love having my books in hand, but the reader is really helpful for reading while traveling, etc.

    Found your blog through the FB Tribe. So glad you joined us there. Be sure to check out everyone's blogs and comment there and it will drive up your traffic too! :)